Pitbull's 'Planet Pit:' Track-by-Track Review

Pitbull's 'Planet Pit:' Track-by-Track Review

Why do they call Armando Perez, aka Pitbull, "Mr. Worldwide"? That's the question the Miami-based, Cuban American MC sets out to answer with "Planet Pit," his sixth studio album that finds him collaborating with hitmaking producers Dr. Luke and RedOne and guest vocalists like Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown and Marc Anthony.

Bicultural club hand-wavers, like the Ne-Yo-assisted "Give Me Everything" (already a Hot 100 smash) and "Shake Señora," mingle with the Alex Da Kid-inspired balladry of "Castles in the Sand" to form the ultimate crowd pleaser.

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Which "Planet Pit" tracks should help solidify Pitbull's global airwave domination? Here's our Twitter-length track-by-track review of each song.

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1. Mr. Worldwide (Intro) - "Let's show them why they call me Mr. Worldwide," the artist formerly known as Mr. 305 teases over big fat bass. Preamble to the club anthem.

2. Give Me Everything - Like Enrique, Pit makes a one-night stand sound romantic: "Can't promise tomorrow, but I'll promise tonight." Ne-Yo's career, resurrected?

3. Rain Over Me - Marc Anthony wails, RedOne thumps, Pit breaks out extra Spanish & freaky talk...and wow, I just realized what this song is about. Awkward.

4. Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) - How did T-Pain's brand of Auto-Tune go from entertaining to grating so fast? Don't know, but Pit's Cuban charm can't save this. Skip.

5. Pause - Pit summons the bootyshakers, then undresses them with his fangs. "I'm such a d-d-d-dirty dog/My teeth will unsnap your bra." OK then!

6. Come N Go - The libido overload continues w/another same-y dance beat & innuendo-loaded lyrics. This is either the sexiest album you've ever heard or...

7. Shake Señora - Beetlejuice nostalgia meets a booty battle, as the beat toggles btwn tribal house & a Harry Belafonte party tune. Welcome back, Sean Paul.

8. Love International - Pit sells his Mr. Worldwide brand on the most crossover-pop song on the set. Ne-Yo's "Everything" hook > Chris Brown's "Love Intl" hook

9. Castle Made of Sand - Token ballad. If imitation = flattery, Alex da Kid should be pleased. "Love the Way You Lie" is all over this; could easily break at radio.

10. Took My Love - Effortless '90s house beat courtesy of a Crystal Waters "Gypsy Woman" sample. The only thing missing is more cow-er, Pitbull.

11. Something for the DJs - If you love such classic childhood rhymes as "If you're happy & you know it" & "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck," it's your lucky day!