YouTube Star Christina Grimmie Hits Three New Charts

YouTube Star Christina Grimmie Hits Three New Charts

YouTube star Christina Grimmie is no stranger to Billboard's Social 50 chart. But now the singer finds herself on three other tallies for the first time: the Billboard 200, Top Digital Albums and Heatseekers Songs.

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Released June 7 through iTunes, Grimmie's "Find Me" album debuts at No. 35 on the Billboard 200 and No. 11 on Digital Albums. Meanwhile, album track "Liar Liar" debuts at No. 15 on Heatseeker Songs.

"Liar Liar," Christina Grimmie

"I didn't sleep the night it came out," Grimmie says. "I know I have hardcore fans, but it's weird to be unsigned, have an album come out and it does well. I'm incredibly shocked by everything that's happening."

"Everything" includes the recent announcement that the 17-year-old will join Selena Gomez & the Scene's summer tour with Allstar Weekend. Grimmie's stint begins July 28 and ends Sept. 7. Earlier this year, the newcomer participated in YouTube's first Digitour, a national tour (April 12-May 15) presenting a lineup of the channel's popular acts including the Gregory Brothers and Dave Days.

"That gave me a taste of the tour bus," Grimmie says with a laugh. "But I'm pretty excited; my 18-year-old guitarist brother is going on half the tour with me."

A pianist and flautist who also dabbles with guitar and drums, Grimmie popped into national consciousness when videos of her reworking pop songs by Lady Gaga and others began notching millions of views on YouTube. Her Miley Cyrus medley alone counts 5.2 million views.

Video: Christina Grimmie's Miley Cyrus Medley

One of those viewers was Gomez's parents, stepfather Brian Teefey and mom Mandy. The couple have since become Grimmie's managers.

A high school senior this fall, the home-schooled Grimmie is also a songwriter who contributed to many of the eight originals on "Find Me." Lead single "Advice" is indicative of the album's dance/pop/rock sound. But Grimmie notes she's very much a "rocker chick" at heart, as she demonstrates on "Liar Liar."

The New Jersey native says a label-backed album remains a "dream goal. I've always wanted to be a singer/musician. Hopefully, I'll get a label who'll want to do right by me."