This Week in Apps: iTunes Festival, Sir Mix-A-Lot's Mix-N-Match, Instagram

This Week in Apps: iTunes Festival, Sir Mix-A-Lot's Mix-N-Match, Instagram

Our weekly look at the hottest music apps available for your mobile device.

iTunes Festival London

Live Nation released an app for the iTunes Festival London, which will allow users to stream performances from the music festival live on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. It's a free app that also supports AirPlay so users can stream the HD video from their devices to TVs equipped with the Apple TV adapter. Performers at the month-long festival include Coldplay, Linkin Park, My Chemical romance, Duran Duran and others.

Exfm for iPhone

The exfm music discover Web app has gone mobile. Exfm basically saves music available at various music blogs and aggregates them into a playlist. But rather than creating one uber-playlist like Hypemachine does, exfm limits to the blogs users have actually visited. Each song contains links to more information about the band, lets users"note" songs as favorites, and provides buy links to permanently download. That's the web app. The mobile version basically provides access to all this, plus the ability to follow the saved tracks of both friends and certain "tastemakers" that exmf has anointed as trusted music curators.

MOG (update)

MOG updated its smartphone app with a new feature called Moggles. With it, users can use their phone's camera to snap a photo of an album cover to search for that song in the digital music service. MOG is billing it as an "experimental/beta" feature, warning that using it may "cause inaccurate or hilarious results."


A Facebook app/game that asks players to answer questions the way they think "Baby Got Back" rapper Sir Mix-A Lot would. For instance, "What would Mix choose: Back Rub or Front Rub?" Get enough answers right and you win things like an exclusive track from the artist or a personalized video greeting. It also lets users guess how their Facebook friends would answer the same question. The app is the second from Seattle development group Giant Thinkwell.


Instagram is a free iPhone app for taking photographs, manipulating them with effects and filters and sharing them with friends. By logging in through Facebook Connect, the user can instantly start following other Facebook friends who have signed up for Instagram. It also allows for sharingthrough Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, Posterous and email. The app's early adopters include Snoop Dogg, Deftones, Foo Fighters, Soulja Boy, Travie McCoy, the National (which alone has amassed more than 28,000 followers), and yes, -- follow our photos of your favorite artists behind the scenes at billboarddotcom.