David Guetta Denies U2 & Madonna Rumors, Reveals Double Album

David Guetta Denies U2 & Madonna Rumors, Reveals Double Album

David Guetta discussed his upcoming album and superstar collaborations with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg, as well as shot down rumors about working with U2, Britney Spears and Madonna when he sat down for a Live Q&A with Billboard.com yesterday (June 28). Watch archived Ustream video of the entire Live Q&A below.

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Guetta's fifth studio album, "Nothing But The Beat," is set to release at the end of August -- if Guetta "manages to finish it this week, because I'm a little bit late to tell you the truth," he revealed.

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The new album, Guetta explained, is a double album. "One is 100 percent vocal and the other one is 100 percent electronic, no vocals."

"The challenge for me on this album was not to make another hit record. It was more the challenge of being creative and reinventing myself," he said. "I have a responsibility also for my fans to surprise them and always come with a futuristic sound, and this was also why it was so important for me to make this electronic album at the same time. I really wanted to surprise people."

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The vocal album will feature Lil Wayne, Usher, will.i.am, Akon and Chris Brown. Guetta's first two singles, "Where Them Girls At" feat. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida and "Little Bad Girl" feat. Taio Cruz and Ludacris have recently been released.

Guetta also revealed that Minaj is featured on an additional track on "Nothing But the Beat," titled "Turn Me On." "I am so proud of what she did on this record because we know her for those crazy raps but the other record that we have, she is singing like -- oh man. The world is gonna be shocked. Because they don't know her like this," said Guetta of Minaj. "And we came up with that amazing song and she just killed it."

The French DJ/producer also cleared up rumors about working with U2. "We actually met with Bono and we spoke about it. He announced it in some of his interviews so I started to announce it, too, because he spoke about it, and then we never spoke again. So it might happen one day -- I would love to -- but he kind of disappeared," Guetta said.

Guetta also clarified that he is not working with Britney Spears or Madonna at the moment, and neither pop star will be featured on his new record -- but he hopes they can work together someday.

Guetta made a name for himself with his 2009 release, "One Love," which rose to the Top 5 of the Dance/Electronica Albums chart and had three singles reach No. 1 in Dance/Club Play Songs.

"At the time when we were working on ["One Love,"] nobody in America believed that this type of music could be successful in the U.S. because at the time, there were no up-tempo records on the radio."

But In 2010, Guetta proved that electronica could be successful in the U.S. when he won a Grammy for his remixed recording of "When Love Takes Over" with Kelly Rowland. He took home a second Grammy this year for his remix of Madonna's "Revolver."

Because Guetta only does about one remix each year, he goes all out to make it great. "This year there's this record with Snoop -- 'Sweat' -- and I made this remix and I think this is the best remix of my life. So maybe let's go for a third Grammy," he mused.