Selena Gomez Climbs into Top 5 on Social 50 Chart

Selena Gomez, Track-by-Track, June 2011.

As expected, Selena Gomez climbs 16-5 on the Social 50 chart thanks to the buzz generated the premiere of her video for the song "Love You Like A Love Song." Since debuting on June 23, the video has pulled in nearly 8 million Vevo views, respectively (a 107% week-to-week increase).

Elsewhere, Gomez saw a 33% week-to-week decline in Facebook Fans, claiming 260,367 Likes where Katy Perry - who herself moves 2-3 - gained 651,000.

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On the other hand, Gomez saw a 95% weekly increase in Twitter followers - up 99,000 - which is the seventh highest of the week. Understandably, in terms of the largest Twitter boost, Lady Gaga (3-2) comes in at top with 169,5000 new followers.

In other stats, according to the real-time Twitter search engine Topsy, fans have tweeted about the video for "Love You Like A Love Song" over 9,500 times.

Though the release (June 28) of her latest album "When The Sun Goes Down" on falls outside of the tracking week, its momentum will likely propel her higher in the Social 50 tally the following week.

The Social 50 ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites -- YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike -- using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

Another chart leap comes by way of David Guetta, who moves 24-16. Two teasers for the video for the song "Where Them Girls At" - featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj - collected 1.5 million YouTube views. At the end of August, Guetta is set to release his fifth studio album, "Nothing But The Beat." He also saw a 22% week-to-week increase in MySpace plays, which amounted to a mere 5,200 plays.

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At No. 29, Tyler Ward earns the highest chart re-entry this week. On June 16, he released a video for a cover of "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean, which soon took off and gained 354,000 YouTube views, respectively. Outside of the tracking week, he also released a cover of "Good Life" - featuring Heather Janssen - by One Republic. Since its June 27 debut, the video has earned 282,000 YouTube views.

South Korean boy band 2PM debuts at No. 35 on the Social 50 chart thanks to the premiere of its video for "Hands Up" on June 20. The dance track - featured on an album of the same name - gained 2.4 million YouTube views, respectively (a 207% week-to-week increase).

Last week, Sean Kingston, who landed in the hospital after a tragic accident, was released after a three week stay. This news helped Kingston re-enter the tally at No. 39, with a 47% week-to-week increase in support across all monitored social networks (53,000 Twitter followers and 245,500 Facebook fans).

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As for the rest of the top 10, Justin Bieber (No. 1), Rihanna (No. 6), Michael Jackson (No. 7), and Nicki Minaj (No. 10) hold their respective positions, while Shakira (5-4), Eminem (4-8), and Linkin Park (12-9) mix up the order.