Nadine Coyle Talks Girls Aloud Reunion, U.S. Album Release

Nadine Coyle Talks Girls Aloud Reunion, U.S. Album Release

Nadine Coyle Talks Girls Aloud Reunion, U.S. Album Release

Those stateside may not fully feel the fame of Girls Aloud, the reality TV-spawned pop group that holds 20 top ten U.K. singles. But with the 10-year anniversary of the group's founding coming up, fans worldwide have been dying to know whether Girls Aloud will reunite, following a hiatus in 2009. GA vocalist Nadine Coyle, who is currently ramping up her own American presence with a new solo album, spoke about the possibility of a reunion.

"It's always been something we wanted to do," Coyle, who goes by simply "Nadine," tells "It's been like 'Oh my gosh, we've been together ten years. We should do this, we should do that.' But at the minute there's been nothing officially discussed or decided. I'm hoping that we'll do something. Ten years of all that stuff, it would be a shame to let it pass!"

Nadine hinted slightly that something would, in fact, happen with a reunion of Girls Aloud, which includes fellow solo artists Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts. Nadine adds, "It's going to be fun."

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For being such a huge star across the pond -- Girls Aloud were named the "Most Successful Reality TV Group" by Guinness World Records in 2011 and reportedly had a net net worth of 30 million pounds in 2010 -- Nadine comes to America relatively unknown.

"It's a challenge, it's a challenge!" she says. "You've got to come, you've to work hard. I remember the days beginning at sixteen, seventeen years old in Girls Aloud. Nobody knew us, nobody cared. We'd do university shows and people threw beers cans at us. All sorts of crazy things! We had to work really hard to get where we did. That's where I'm at now -- that grind. That mentality of, 'Yeah, let's do it. Let's work hard. What can we do? What can we achieve?' Working as hard as we possibly can. I love that part of it."

This grind includes preparing for the U.S. release of her debut solo album, "Insatiable," which was released in her native U.K. in November 2010. Nadine is currently in the studio working on new material, creating new mixes of tracks on the original "Insatiable" release, and revisiting material that did not make the cut originally. Her new songs, she says, ranges from the "really dark, fighter-esque type -- very strong, 'nothing going to get us down' songs," to a modernized take on Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend." Other influences range from Lykke Li to what she describes as the "funk style" of the new Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera collaboration, "Moves Like Jagger."

Meanwhile, Nadine and her team are currently in talks with U.S. labels, while they see how her new track "Sweetest High," a summer introduction for "Insatiable," performs. "'Sweetest High' is for the clubs, that's what it was for," Nadine says. "It wasn't supposed to be anything serious."

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She continues: "There's no rules in music anymore. You don't have to go down with, 'You have a single, let's do six weeks of promo, beginning with this, doing this, doing this.' We're doing it in our own way."