30 Seconds To Mars 'Grateful' For 3 VMA Nominations, Uncertain of Future

Jared Leto, with his band 30 Seconds to Mars, ditches the multi-colored mohawk for a sleeker and more sophisticated red-carpet look.

30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto tells Billboard.com that he is grateful for the band's three MTV Video Music Award nominations for "Hurricane." The 14-minute video is nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Direction and Best Editing.

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"It's humbling, it's exciting, and we are very grateful," said Leto, who starred in and directed the erotic video under the pen name Bartholomew Cubbins.

Video: 30 Seconds To Mars' "Hurricane"

"It's a unique video in the sense that it's probably the most perverted of all videos that have been nominated -- the most NC-17, X-rated clip of them all. It's certainly not a family film," Leto laughed. "It's surprising that it did get nominated, considering that it was banned from a lot of networks around the world when it came out."

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The NSFW video is "certainly not for everyone," Leto continued. "It's for people who have an open mind and are curious about sexuality in art. It was an interesting place for us to go as a band because we have never really explored sexuality on film or very much in our music."

30 Seconds To Mars has been on tour since before the video released in Dec. 2010, and the band has played nearly 300 shows on 2009's "This Is War." Touring on that album comes to an end this December, and Leto isn't sure where the band will go from there -- or if they will even continue at all.

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"I think that we'll take a deep breath and then consider the future. I'm not so sure what's gonna be next," Leto says. "Some time in December when we have a moment to breathe, it will be good to take a look back and to make some choices as to what the future holds."

On whether or not the band will record again after the current tour ends, Leto says: "You never know. I think there's a lot for all of us to think about -- my brother and Tomo and I. When we make a record, it's a pretty all-encompassing experience. So I hope so. I hope that it happens."