Adam Lambert Talks 'Tricky Career Path' and (Not) Getting Married

Dec 22 -- Adam Lambert was arrested in Helsinki, Finland after he and his reality star boyfriend Sauli Koskinen got into a brawl outside a gay bar.

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert (season 8) has an episode of VH1's "Behind The Music" premiering on Sunday (Aug. 7) and he talked to US Weekly about the episode, his upcoming album, and how he doesn't plan to tie the knot -- despite the legalization of gay marriage in New York.

Lambert said that the VH1 episode will "portray a deeper, more personal view" of his life. "I was not always happy go lucky and things weren't always easy," he continued. "At times things were difficult and confusing. Coming out of American Idol I was thrown into the spotlight so quickly and I faced many obstacles. I am finally starting to feel comfortable in this industry and in my own skin."

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The openly gay performer said that his sexual orientation has caused controversy and affected his career. "This is a tricky career path, especially since most musicians aren't as open as I am," Lambert explained. "At first I thought, did I go too far? Was this a mistake? I realized I have to trust my gut and be myself. I can't please everyone."

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He has been out since he was 18 and said that his family was supportive. The "What Do You Want From Me" singer is currently in a relationship with Finnish "Big Brother" winner Sauli Koskinen, but he told the magazine, "I don't see myself getting married in the future."

There are no wedding bells on the horizon, but Lambert does have a new album on its way. The star says he has been busy in the studio writing and recording, with a lot of time to reflect on his journey. "I have learned and grown and evolved. I am proud of the strides I've made," Lambert added.

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"This album is different in that it has a more serious tone. There is definitely fun, upbeat music on there too. This album has a thread of honesty in that it is real and personal," Lambert said. "Whereas my old album was fun, campy, and over the top, this album is more contemporary and honest. The last album was more of a fantasy and this album is a search for my identity."

Lambert has recently been involved with The Trevor Project and the Do Something organization, and he will soon be in New York recording his album.