Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know It All' Single: What Do You Think?

Kelly Clarkson's 'Know It All' Debuts on Hot 100, Rihanna's 'Cheers' Rises

We all know Kelly Clarkson "Does Not Hook Up," but in her new single, "Mr. Know It All," she's warning suitors with a different but equally empowered message: "Baby, you don't know a thing about me." Listen below.

"Mr. Know It All," the first single off Clarkson's "Stronger" album, premiered yesterday evening on her official website. The track hit radio directly following the webcast, and will be available at all digital retailers on Sept. 5.

During a Livestream chat coinciding with the "Mr. Know It All" debut on Clarkson's site, she discussed why the song fit as a lead single from "Stronger." "We picked 'Mr. Know It All' because it was unlike any song that, really, I've ever come out with," Clarkson said. "Secondly, just because it's very different from a first single for me. Usually we go with an anthem, guitar-driven song. This is very different, and I was relly into it… It's just super sassy and it sets up the album nicely. The whole theme is very empowering." Watch a portion of her Livestream interview below.

Clarkson's lyrical message may be one of sass and strength (as fans have come to expect from her), but musically, "Mr. Know It All" is a bit softer; instead of rock-focused energy, the single goes midtempo with touches of piano and subtle strings. She sings on the chorus: "Oh, you think that you know me / Know me/ That's why I'm leaving you lonely / Lonely / 'Cause baby you don't know a thing about me / You don't know a thing about me."

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The single was written by Brett James (Carrie Underwood), Ester Dean (Rihanna, Beyonce), Dante Jones, and Brian Kennedy, who also produced the track.

"Mr. Know It All" follows a slew of hits from Clarkson's 2009 album "All I Ever Wanted," including "My Life Would Suck Without You," "I Do Not Hook Up" and "Already Gone." "Stronger" is set for an Oct. 25 release date, following multiple label delays -- all of which the original "American Idol" champ chronicled on her official Facebook.

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