Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stream Sends Them to Social 50 Top 10

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Red Hot Chili Peppers hit the top 10 of Billboard's Social 50 chart thanks to buzz generated by an iTunes stream of its new album "I'm With You" and pre-release hype of the set, which was released Aug. 30.

Last week, the band blasted 40-17 on the Social tally following the premiere of the video for "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie," the first single from "With." This week marks the act's first visit to the top 10 since the chart launched last December.

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Since premiering on Aug. 17, their video for "Adventures" has accumulated 2.2 million YouTube views, assisting RHCP's boast of nearly 6,000 new channel subscribers and 61,000 profile views, week-to-week. During the tracking week, the single moved 36,000 digital downloads, up from 19,000 the week prior. Likewise, this buzz aided in growing their fanbase by 152,000 fans, with Facebook (136,000) and Twitter (9,400) showing the largest gains.

To promote their Aug. 30 album release, the Red Hot Chili Peppers captured a live performance of "I'm With You" and broadcasted it to movie screens across the U.S. on that day and on Sept. 1.

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Billboard's Social 50 chart ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites -- YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike -- using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

Tyler Ward uploaded several new videos to his YouTube Channel, giving him a nice 24-14 hop.

The first upload -- a fan video for his original single "PennyBags" -- went up on Aug. 20, raking in 47,000 views. The next video, uploaded on Aug. 22, features collaborator Katy McAllister, giving a solo performance of her original song "Worth Fighting For," which stands slightly higher at 147,600 views. Lastly, Ward filmed a short promo video, where he talks about their upcoming tour and interviews his band mates, as in the next few months they're touring through the U.S and Europe.

Interestingly, with all this activity, Ward saw a decline in fan growth, adding only 13,000 fans, compared to his last week increase of 16,500 fans. In all, 8,500 of those fans subscribed to his ever popular channel. The other 4,500 fans came from Facebook, with a mere 850 new Twitter followers.

The next big movement comes from Karmin, who jets up the chart 27-15, thanks to their cover of "Lighters" by Bad Meets Evil. Uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 19, their energetic video has breezed past 1,688,000 million views, proving both their rising acclaim and the strength of the original song.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift takes a noticeable top 20 dive, dropping 13-23.

As these two acts seemingly trade chart places, what's most intriguing is that the Karmin's cover has attracted more views than Swift's video for her single "Sparks Fly," which rests at 1,643,000 views.

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Given that Swift's video debuted on Aug. 11-8 full-days before Karmin's video -- the fact that she is lagging behind by roughly 45,000 views comes as a surprise. The obvious thing to point out is that covers are popular and live videos (which "Sparks Fly" is) don't always perform well, but nonetheless, it's clear reminder how a powerful YouTube cover can bolstered one's online profile.

Though, when it comes down to total number of fans added this week, Swift easily brushes past Karmin, having amassed 261,000 new fans week-to-week compared to their humble 47,000 fans.

Wrapping the week up, rapper DeStorm flies 45-27, having achieved a significant milestone: gaining over 1 million subscribers on his popular YouTube channel. To celebrate, he performed several covers of popular Disney songs, adding to a series he's done in the past called Soul Tunes.

In total, DeStorm now has 12.7 million channel views and 108 million total upload views.

Back in the top 10, Justin Bieber (No. 1), Lady Gaga (No. 3), and Katy Perry (No. 8) hold their respective positions. Meanwhile, Shakira (4-2), Michael Jackson (5-4), and Adele (9-6) rise up the tally, while Rihanna (2-5), Selena Gomez (6-7), and Eminem (7-9) tumble down.