Adele Talks Stage Fright: 'I Puke Quite a Lot'

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Adele brought a touch of class to the VMAs, clutching her chest as she performed her piano ballad "Someone Like You."

British soul-pop star Adele has come clean to British Vogue (via about how she deals with pre-show jitters. "I puke quite a lot before going onstage, though never actually on the stage" confessed the 22-year old singer. "But then... I sh*t myself before everything... the bigger the freak-out, the more I enjoy the show!"

Adele's '21' Notches Most Weeks at No. 1 Since 2000

The "Rolling in the Deep" songstress had previously discussed her performance anxiety with Rolling Stone, via her cover story last April. Among her worst bouts included a concert in Amsterdam, where she attempted to escape the venue through a fire exit just before taking the stage.

Despite her personal inhibitions, Adele has been acclaimed for her impassioned live performances -- most recently, a poignant rendition of her piano ballad, "Someone Like You" before a national television audience at the MTV Video Music Awards August 28th.

Adele currently has two singles in the Billboard Top 40 ("Someone Like You," "Rolling in the Deep"), both from her successful sophomore effort, 21.