Adam Levine Calls 'Moves Like Jagger' a 'Risk' for Maroon 5: Video Interview

Adam Levine Calls 'Moves Like Jagger' a 'Risk' for Maroon 5: Video Interview

Adam Levine Calls 'Moves Like Jagger' a 'Risk' for Maroon 5: Video Interview

Adam Levine may be Maroon 5's outspoken frontman, but as the band's keyboardist Jesse Carmichael reveals to, Levine isn't always on-point about their song selections.

"In the past we had this barometer, which was that if Adam hated a song, we knew it was going to be successful," Carmichael tells in a video interview (watch below).

Hence their concern over "Moves Like Jagger," with Levine recalling, "I loved 'Jagger.' I was really worried it wasn't going to be big. I liked it a lot." But the band had nothing to worry about, as their Christina Aguilera collab hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week.

Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera's 'Jagger' Moves to No. 1 on Hot 100

"It was one of those songs that was definitely a risk; it's a bold statement," Levine tells "We've never really released a song like that. But it's exciting to do something different, do something new. I'm just happy everyone likes it."

Something else that makes Levine happy? His show, "The Voice," and its acceptance of all types of relationships.

"'The Voice' was very open in the beginning about peoples' relationships regardless of what they were," he says. "I think that's a great thing. Rather than slamming '[American] Idol,' which I don't think that I'm doing, I'm more kind of applauding 'The Voice' for doing that and being courageous enough. This really isn't a debate, because they just don't do that on 'American Idol,' which is totally their choice. However, they promote certain relationships and they don't promote others which I think is kind of shitty."

In addition to "The Voice," which makes it return this winter with Levine on the coaching panel, Maroon 5 has plans to hit the studio at the end of the year. Carmichael's personal wish for the sessions include a collaboration with another big-voiced diva: Adele, who knocked the band off their Hot 100 summit this week.

Maroon 5 Hopes Next Album Will Quickly Follow 'Jagger' Single

Maroon 5 also recently created their own Snapple flavor, "Tea Will Be Loved," that includes a fusion of different five fruit flavors chosen by Maroon's five members. The flavor is a collaboration effort of Snapple and Maroon 5 to benefit Feeding America which will help to provide 1,750,000 meals to those in need. The brand and band will also donate $250,000 to Feeding America, which supplies food to more than 37 million Americans each year.

(Additional reporting by Lisa Binkert, Jillian Mapes)