Avril Lavigne 'Cried for Real' in Raw 'Wish You Were Here' Video

Avril Lavigne 'Cried for Real' in Raw 'Wish You Were Here' Video

Avril Lavigne 'Cried for Real' in Raw 'Wish You Were Here' Video

Avril Lavigne is known around the globe for her musical chops and unapologetic bravado. But the Canadian songstress in recent years has expanded her resume by tapping into fashion with her own clothing lifestyle brand, a fragrance line (Wild Rose) and a foundation to help youth with disabilities and illnesses.

In an interview with Billboard.com, the multifaceted entertainer dished about her career, touring and how music has inspired her to branch out beyond the recording studio.

The superstar's fourth studio album, "Goodbye Lullaby," was released in March and continues to resonate with fans with songs such as "What The Hell" and "Smile." The most current single, "Wish You Were Here," showcases Lavigne's more vulnerable side.

"It's a song written about missing someone and looking back and remembering all the good times and all those awesome moments," Lavigne says. The song is "stripped down. It's kind of raw, but also emotional. I cry in the video and that was something that I did on purpose, but it was something that was real."

Lavigne, who made a cameo on Rihanna's music video "Cheers" earlier this year, next takes her Black Star Tour to her native country for 16 dates throughout October.

"I'm having the most fun I've ever had," says Lavigne about the upcoming leg of her tour. "Every night you have a different crowd. Some are more rowdy than others and you want to get their energy up and get them to have a good time."

When she isn't touring she spends her time supporting The Avril Lavigne Foundation through a partnership with Easter Seals to fund programs for children with disabilities. Her time is also spent creating everything from T-shirts to accessories for her clothing line Abbey Dawn which, she says, is always tied to the music she writes about.

"As I got older I really started appreciating fashion more because it's really a big part of what I do with my music career," Lavigne says. "I'm pretty much designing for myself and it's a rock 'n roll brand. It's another way for me to create."

Watch Avril's "Wish You Were Here" Video: