Name the Inevitable Robert Pattinson Album!

Name the Inevitable Robert Pattinson Album!

The Internet was set ablaze on Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 20) after a report surfaced claiming that Robert Pattinson was following his massive success as the star of the "Twilight" film series by recording a solo album. Sadly, a rep for the actor told MTV that the report was untrue, and that Pattinson "is not working on an album right now."

While the day that a Robert Pattinson album arrives on CD shelves is definitely not around the corner, that magical moment could happen someday, right? After all, the actor contributed vocals to "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign," two songs that appeared on the original "Twilight" soundtrack. And with the "Twilight" film series wrapping up next year, Pattinson will certainly have more time to hunker down in the studio with an acoustic guitar and a heart full of dreams.

Until then, let's help Robert Pattinson come up with a name for his eventual debut album. Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Sgt. Cullen's Shirtless Hearts Club Band
Tha Patter III
Pale Side of the Moon
It Takes a Nation of Werewolves to Hold Us Back
Vampire Weekends
Get Rich or Die Bitin'

Think you can come up with the best Robert Pattinson album name? Give it your best shot in the comments section below!