Demi Lovato: Top 5 Debut of 'Unbroken' is 'A Little Different'

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Demi Lovato notched the second-biggest debut on the Billboard 200 this week when "Unbroken," her third album, started at No. 4 with 96,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Although Lovato has frequented the Top 5 of the albums chart before -- 2009's "Don't Forget" debuted at No. 2, while "Here We Go Again" topped the chart in 2009 -- the 19-year-old singer tells that the debut of "Unbroken," her first album since checking into a treatment center last fall, represents a special achievement for her.

"This one is a little different," says Lovato, who dropped out of a Jonas Brothers tour in 2010 to overcome an eating disorder and self-injury issues. "I took a long time on this album, and I've been on such a journey over the past year that it just feels awesome to be able to release music that I've worked really hard on, and now that it's done well [on the chart] it feels even better."

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Since "Unbroken's" release on Sept. 20, Lovato has received copious shout-outs from her 4.4 million Twitter followers as well as artists like Timbaland, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Derulo. However, the singer says that, of her celebrity friends, two stand out for their constant support throughout a tumultuous past year.

"I feel like there are some people that you're friends with that talk to you on Twitter or you text," she says, "but the people that are really there for me are the people that were there for me when I went into treatment. The people that were calling me while I was in there were Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. Those two girls, they meant the world to me. They still do."

Next up for Lovato is next month's release of breezy pop track "Who's That Boy" as the second single off "Unbroken," following the somber "Skyscraper," which debuted at No. 10 on the Hot 100 in July. Lovato says that she hasn't shot a music video for the single yet, but that one is coming "soon."

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Meanwhile, she hopes to release more remixes of "Unbroken" tracks in some fashion, after Wizz Dumb's remix of "Skyscraper" ended up on the final cut of the album. With an album as diverse as "Unbroken," however, Lovato isn't sure what the sonic direction of such remixes would be. "One of the best parts about making this album was that there wasn't anything holding me back, as in a genre of music. Ultimately it's pop, but I have songs that are really dance-like, songs that are more R&B, and songs like 'Skyscraper' that are not really R&B at all. And so it just depends on the song. I always love it when it turns into a house remix, like something you hear in the club, or something totally different. It just depends."