Rockin' Roads: Streets Named After Famous Musicians (Map)

Rockin' Roads: Streets Named After Famous Musicians (Map)

Penny Lane. Thunder Road. Highway 61 Revisited. Plenty of roads, streets, boulevards and other locations have been immortalized in music, but what about the other way around? Join on an interactive rock'n'roll field trip around the world to see which musicians have streets named in their honor, uncovering the stories behind them along the way.

Some make perfect sense: You can find Run-DMC JMJ Way in Queens, Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, and Frank Sinatra Drive in his hometown of Hoboken. But discover how Dave Grohl turned up in an Ohio alleyway and why they're nuts about Frank Zappa in Berlin.

Click on the red microphone icons to read all about the streets and watch video clips from their commemoration ceremonies. Scroll down to Africa and Australia to see where Jay-Z and AC/DC have streets (respectively), and be sure to zoom way in on cities like NYC and Liverpool to discover a number of streets in close proximity.


Joey Ramone Place -- Manhattan, NYC

Duke Ellington Boulevard -- Manhattan, NYC

U2 Way -- Manhattan, NYC

Run DMC JMJ Way -- Hollis, Queens, NYC

Frank Sinatra Drive -- Hoboken, NJ

Sam Cooke Way -- Chicago, IL

Buddy Guy Way -- Chicago, IL

Elvis Presley Boulevard -- Memphis, TN

Tom Petty Road -- Dickson, TN

Dave Grohl Alley -- Warren, OH

Lady Antebellum Way -- Augusta, GA

Johnny Shines Street -- Holt, AL

Flaming Lips Alley -- Oklahoma City, OK

Bob Dylan Way -- Duluth, MN

Les Paul Parkway -- Waukesha, WI

Jimi Hendrix Way -- Bellingham, WA

Korn Row - Bakersfield, CA

Paul Anka Drive -- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


John Lennon Drive -- Liverpool, England

Paul McCartney Way -- Liverpool, England

Ringo Starr Drive -- Liverpool, England

George Harrison Way -- Liverpool, England

Frank Zappa Strasse -- Berlin, Germany


Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter Road -- Kwara State, Nigeria


AC/DC Lane -- Melbourne, Australia

Text by Jillian Mapes, Jason Lipshutz, Chris Payne, Maria Sherman, RJ Cubarrubia.

Production by Jessica Letkemann, Jillian Mapes, Rachel Been.