'X Factor' Boot Camp Ends: Finalists Chosen & Assigned Mentors

'X Factor' Boot Camp Ends: Finalists Chosen & Assigned Mentors

The second and final "X Factor" boot camp episode continued last night, with the last X groups performing and the next round of cuts. There were still 100 contestants remaining when the two-hour episode began; by the end there were only 32.

Soon it was time to cut the 64 performers down to the final 32 and the judges knew they had a tough time ahead of them. "I've become quite attached to some of these contestants," Simon said before joining Paula, Nicole and L.A. for the final boot camp judging. "I've actually got to go in there and fight for these people now."

Eight contestants were chosen in each of the four categories: Boys, Girls, Groups and Over 30s.

Caitlin Koch
Tora Woloshin
Simone Battle
Drew Ryiewicz
Rachel Crow
Jazzlyn Little
Melanie Amaro
Tiah Tolliver

Video: Drew Ryiewicz performs "Like A Star"

Brennin Hunt
Brian Bradley
Skyelor Anderson
Nick Voss
Tim Cifers
Phillip Lomax
Marcus Canty
Chris Rene

Video: Phillip Lomax's boot camp day two audition

Stereo Hogzz
2 Squar'd
4 Shore
The Brewer Boys
Illusion Confusion
The Anser

Video: The Stereo Hogzz sing "Cry Me A River"

Over 30s:
Elaine Gibbs
Tiger Budbill
Leroy Bell
James Kenney
Josh Krajcik
Christa Collins
Dexter Haygood
Stacy Francis

Video: Leroy Bell performs Adele's "Make You Feel My Love"

The Over 30s decision was the most emotional, as many of the contestants view this competition as their last chance to be performers. So many talented teens had been rejected from the Boys and Girls groups that the judges decided to call 14 of them back to the stage. Simon then announced that they would form the final two ensembles in the Groups category -- four of the girls in one group and the remaining 10 in the other.

After the final 32 were given the good news, it was time to prepare for the next step in the competition: Judges Houses. The judges would return to their homes to await the producer's call telling them which group they would be assigned to mentor. As they awaited the decision, trash talk was flying. "I have a better shot at winning not matter which category I get. So it doesn't matter," bragged L.A. Reid, who, upon being assigned the Boys, said: "I think I just won."

Paula will be mentoring the Groups, which she said was the hardest category to work with. Working with the Over 30s will be Nicole. Simon was pleased and smug with his assignment: the Girls. "I'm actually more happy for them than I am for me, because I know they want me for their mentor," he confidently explained.

Next week, the contestants will fly out to the judges' houses where they will work one-on-one with their mentor. At the end of the week, each judge will cut his or her group in half, taking the remaining 32 down to the 16 who will go on to compete in the live show.