Poll: What is Beyonce's Best '4' Music Video?

Poll: What is Beyonce's Best '4' Music Video?

With the premiere of the "Party" music video on Wednesday night (Oct. 26), Beyonce has unveiled a whopping six music videos from her latest album, "4," including three new clips in the past 19 days. "4" was released only four months ago, but B has already given fans a half-dozen thematic styles and striking tones, from the vulnerability of the stark "1+1" clip to the joyful wedding of "Best Thing I Never Had" to bouncy boy/girl group choreography of "Love on Top."

As the pop star prepares to become a mother, she has churned out some eye-popping clips… but which one is the best? If you've missed any of Beyonce's latest music videos -- and we don't blame you, there's been a lot of them! -- check out all six clips below, then vote on which one you think best captures B's beautiful pop aesthetic.

Run The World (Girls)
Debut: May 18
YouTube Views: 98.5 million
Synopsis: Beyonce rides a horse through an apocalyptic world, then leads a female army with some inspired shoulder-shaking. The guys don't stand a chance.

Best Thing I Never Had
Debut: July 7
YouTube Views: 50.8 million
Synopsis: Two words: Dream Wedding. Three years after exchanging "I Do's" with Jay-Z, B prances around in a wedding dress and walks down in the aisle in this smile-inducing clip.

Debut: August 26
YouTube Views: 16.0 million
Synopsis: Basically the female version of D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" clip, the video for this simple ballad features Beyonce's amazing body, some simple camera tricks and not much else.

Debut: October 7
YouTube Views: 8.3 million
Synopsis: Beyonce rocks a pixie haircut and bats her eyelashes in a black turtleneck in this salute to 1950s cinema. Oh, also: baby bump.

Love On Top
Debut: October 16
YouTube Views: 6.5 million
Synopsis: With five guys serving as backup singers/dancers, a pre-baby-bump Beyonce recalls her Destiny's Child days by jamming out as the leader of a vocal group.

Debut: October 26
Synopsis: It's fitting that the music video for "Party" is the most star-studded clip from "4": aside from guest rapper J. Cole, the outdoor shindig in the video also has cameos from Solange Knowles and DC's Kelly Rowland.