Lady Gaga in India: Asked to Wear Lettuce Dress, Big-Ups Philosopher Osho

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If PETA India has it their way, Lady Gaga will be sporting a dress made of lettuce this weekend.

In a letter to Gaga's publicist, PETA India has reportedly outlined ( according to Reuters) a challenge to Gaga, calling for the singer -- who famously donned a "meat dress" at the 2010 VMAs -- to embrace vegetarianism. PETA's plan is for Gaga to wear a gown made of lettuce in a photoshoot while in India -- a dare the pop star has neither accepted nor denied.

Although she is currently visiting India, Gaga's reasons are not salad-related; the Mother Monster will perform in New Delhi at an after-party for the country's first Formula One Grand Prix race on Sunday (Oct. 30).

During a press conference heralding her arrival in New Delhi today (Oct. 28), Gaga fully celebrated her first appearance in India with a beehive hairdo dyed the colors of the Indian flag. Speaking with reporters, she embraced Indian philosopher Osho (whose reading on rebellion she's found particularly inspiring) and likened her "Born This Way" album to reincarnation.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gaga told reporters, "This album ['Born This Way'] is about reincarnation -- reincarnation during your one singular lifetime -- this one. Not the one after but right now. It's about being reborn over and over again to liberate yourself to love and music and art religion and passion. I believe that you are never trapped in anything. I believe that you can always liberate yourself and that's what this album is about."