'Glee' Exclusive: Damian McGinty's Solo Debut, 'Bein' Green'

'Glee' Exclusive: Damian McGinty's Solo Debut, 'Bein' Green'

Damian McGinty, the singer from Ireland who won Oxygen's "The Glee Project," will sing Joe Raposo's "Bein' Green" and Teddy Thompson's "Take Care of Yourself" on "Glee." Before filming started he was not familiar with either tune.

"Lot of people know 'Bein' Green' from Kermit but when I did research I learned a lot of people have covered it," McGinty tells Billboard.com. "Frank Sinatra does a great version. 'Take Care of Yourself' - not only did I not know it, but when I typed it in Google they had never heard of it either. It's a great song really shows off my range."

"GLEE": Damian McGinty - "Bein' Green"

McGinty, a 19 year old who joined the Celtic Thunder ensemble when he was 14, is guaranteed appearances in seven episodes this season as part of his prize package. All four finalists from the show will appear on "Glee": Lindsay Pearce will be in episodes one and eight; Alex Newell has three episodes later in the year; and Samuel Larson begins filming after the Christmas break.

The post-MLB playoffs run of "Glee" begins Nov. 1. Titled "Pot O' Gold," McGinty plays an exchange student from Ireland. "He's struggling to fit in and gets bullied a lot," McGinty says. "He's just sweet and innocent, a guy who gets pushed around and still has a smile on his face. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to him."

Head over to gleethemusic.com to hear Damian's other track, "Take Care of Yourself."