William Hung Scores Job With L.A. County Sheriff

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William Hung gives fans a double wave on the "Idol" red carpet.

America's favorite American Idol auditionor has found a new gig - with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

After his Season 3 audition performance in 2004 of Ricky Martin's She Bangs, William Hung became a viral hit and received a cult-like following, which led him to numerous talk show appearances, three studio albums, and his primetime television show debut on Fox's Arrested Development. Now, it appears Hung has made a career shift.

According to TMZ, Hung is working for the LA County Sheriff's Department as a Technical Crime Analyst, meaning he is analyzing trends and patterns in crimes. This can help law enforcement deploy resources in a more effective manner, as well as playing a role in apprehending suspects, solving crimes, and formulating crime prevention strategies.

A photo obtained by TMZ shows Hung teaching in front of a class sometime last week at a training facility.

Before auditioning for Idol, Hung was a student at UC Berkeley, studying civil engineering.