Kina Grannis' 'Arms' Video Grants Social 50 Chart Debut

Kina Grannis' 'Arms' Video Grants Social 50 Chart Debut

After taking home a win at MTV's O Music Awards and releasing her latest music video, YouTube starlet Kina Grannis debuts on Billboard's Social 50 chart, arriving at No. 49. On Oct. 31, she earned the best Web-born artist O award, and two days later, her video for "In Your Arms" arrived. The latter is from her album "Stairwells," and the clips has accumulated more than 2 million views.

Billboard's Social 50 chart ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites -- YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike -- using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

Grannis' video is particularly astonishing, because it's put together using 288,000 Jelly Belly jelly beans. It took three people 1,357 hours, over the course of 22 months, to produce the video and create the 2,460 jellybean-infused slides needed.

The O Awards and video premiere generated tons of Web activity for Grannis, who exploded in every monitored measurement category for the Social 50 chart.

Week-to-week, she grew from 32,000 YouTube profile views to a staggering 111,000 views thanks to her video. In terms of her fans and plays, she saw incredible growth, leapfrogging from 5,800 fans earned last week to a total of 16,000 fans gained this week. Her plays grew from 4,700 to 11,000 week-to-week.

Fellow YouTube stars Boyce Avenue also premiered new videos, which assisted in boosting them up 22-13 on the tally. They released a cover of "I Miss You" by Blink-182 on Oct. 30, which has since brought in over 2 million views. Then, on Nov. 6, the video for the original single "Dare To Believe" premiered, which features a wide-range of heartfelt imagery; it now sits at 405,000 views. When taken together, these videos raised their YouTube profile views to 308,000 and helped in adding 17,000 channel subscribers. In total, the group jumped from 197,000 to 279,000 total fans added week-to-week.

Rihanna -- who comfortably holds down the No. 3 slot again this week -- gained the most fans and plays week-to-week of any artist on the tally, adding 506,095 fans and 35 million plays. Presumably, much of this continued traction can be attributed to the success of the video for the single "We Found Love," which has since brought in 29 million Vevo plays since debuting on Oct. 19. "Love" continues to reign atop the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for a second week.

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However, in terms of views, Rihanna did get bested by none other than Justin Bieber, who maintains his No. 1 spot on the tally. His video for the single "Mistletoe," which now has over 40 million views, assisted in raising his total weekly views from 403,000 last week to 435,000 views this week.

Back in the top ten, Selena Gomez skips 13-9 thanks to the excitement building up to her hosting of the MTV Europe Music Awards on Nov. 6. In the tracking week, she shifted from adding 192,000 fans last week to gaining 279,000 fans this week. Her Vevo plays also saw a slight week-to-week increase, moving from 8.8 million plays last week to nearly 9.4 million plays this week. This marks her first appearance in the top 10 since the Sept. 17 chart, when she ranked at No. 3.

As for the rest of this week's top 10: Adele (No. 2), Shakira (No. 4), Lady Gaga (No. 5), LMFAO (No. 6), and Pitbull (No. 10) are non-movers. Meanwhile, Katy Perry (8-7) and Eminem (7-8) trade places on the tally.