Jackson Doctor Speaks Out, Estate Takes Aim at MSNBC Documentary

Jackson Doctor Speaks Out, Estate Takes Aim at MSNBC Documentary

Dr. Conrad Murray has finally spoken. Michael Jackson's doctor, who opted not to testify at the trial that found him guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of the late King of Pop, sat down with NBC's "Today" show in an interview that aired on Thursday.

"I would hate to put blame on Michael as an individual," Dr. Murray told interviewer Savannah Guthrie. "I only wish maybe in our dealings with each other he would have been more forthcoming and honest, to tell me these things about himself."

He went on to claim Jackson was "deceptive" about his medical history and his potential treatments by other doctors.

"[I] did not have a clue," he claimed of Jackson's dependence on the anesthetic propofol, the drug that ultimately was the singer's cause of death.

"I met Michael with propofol. This was not something I introduced to Michael," he added.

The interview was recorded before this week's verdict. More segments of it will appear along with "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship," a documentary MSNBC intends to air on Friday and Monday.

Jackson's estate has called for the airings to be canceled, calling the documentary "reprehensible."

The estate claimed the film attempts "to shift the blame post-conviction to Michael Jackson, even though a jury considered the evidence and rejected this very argument," in a letter sent on Wednesday. The letter also questioned what the doctor had been paid for his involvement.

In response, an MSNBC spokesperson stated that Dr. Murray was not paid for his interview and that the film would air as scheduled.