Bye Bye Broadway: Pop Songs We'd Like to See on 'Glee'

Bye Bye Broadway: Pop Songs We'd Like to See on 'Glee'

Broadway came to Lima, Ohio in full force this season of "Glee," with songs from the Great White Way dominating the few and far between pop numbers. But now that the school play is over and "West Side Story" standards are off the table, it's time for the show to turn back to the pop numbers that fans crave so much. Tuesday's episode definitely starts things off in the right direction, with hits including a stand-out mash-up of Adele's "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You" as well as a rumored performance of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" later this season. However, there's a whole world of pop charts that Glee's ignored lately, so we took it upon ourselves to pour over them and offer some suggestions for what they could perhaps explore in coming episodes.

"Moves Like Jagger," Maroon 5
Glee Version By: The Warblers

We think this could be bad guy Sebastian's first lead solo. It's definitely got the cool beat and whistling elements ripe to be transformed into an acapella style number. We don't know how they'd manage the Christina breakdown part, but we trust those resourceful Warblers to figure it out.

"Mr. Know It All," Kelly Clarkson
Glee Version By: Santana

According to spoilers, Santana is about to go through some tough times with her friends and family, so the new Clarkson song that proclaims "you don't know a thing about me" would be the perfect Santana tune. Plus Clarkson's raspy quality would work perfectly with Naya Rivera's vocals.

Florence -- "Shake It Out"

"Shake It Out," Florence + the Machine
Glee Version By: Tina

She does amazing with Florence vocals, but this would be a great group song and dance. The Dog Days episode closing number was one of the true bright spots of last season, and we'd love to see an epic Florence number again this season.

"You and I," Lady Gaga
Glee Version By: Kurt

This is a particular complaint, because the show is planning to use the Lady Gaga track this week, but we're wary of the Will and Shelby duet (especially after hearing a small preview clip). We'd much rather see the Gaga tune go to Kurt Hummel. Although he tends to stick with Broadway standards or re-imagined Beatles tunes, we think now that he and Blaine have consummated their love, this would be a lovely little serenade in the choir room from Kurt to his boyfriend. It might be a little too much for Sectionals, but as a private McKinley performance we'd dig it. We're imagining Puck lending a hand on the guitar solo, and the only edit needed is Kurt would drop the Jesus Christ line.

"Til The World Ends," Britney Spears
Glee Version By: Brittany

No need for plot contrivances or anything to justify this track. We just think Britt should take up the Spears mantel again and do a pure fun homage number. The whole group can backup dance. They'd probably take sectionals easy if they just let Britt do this front and center.

Jessie J -- "Domino"

"Domino," Jessie J
Glee Version By: Rachel

Jessie J has the over the top pop stylings of a Katy Perry, which we already know fits Rachel Berry nicely. Lyrically it's a sexual awakening tune for Ms. Berry, something to sing to Finn, assuming he rocked her world more than he rocked Santana's last year.

"All Your Life," The Band Perry
Glee Version By: Quinn

We desperately want them to give Quinn something to do other than be part of the worst plotline ever (trying to win your baby back from a wonderful woman who adopted her? Ew.) and we think the sentiment behind "All Your Life" would be a pretty good thrust for Quinn (I just want to be the only girl/ you love all your life) and vocally within Diana Agron's range. The lonely undertones of the song would keep with her downer themes, but at least be more interesting than her crazy character developments as of late.

"Pumped Up Kicks," Foster the People
Glee Version By: Blaine

Fair enough, the gun and cigarette mentions might make it a little to reckless for Glee. But we think somehow Blaine Anderson could turn this into a cool tune. He managed to pull off lines about sex toys last season without the censors blinking an eye.

What did we miss? Are there other current pop songs perfect for the kids of McKinley?