5 Outrageous Quotes Cut From Kelly Clarkson's 'Unplugged' Taping

5 Outrageous Quotes Cut From Kelly Clarkson's 'Unplugged' Taping

It wasn't just the instruments that were stripped-down during Kelly Clarkson's "Unplugged" taping, held just two days after Clarkson's "Stronger" debuted. The original "American Idol" has always been known for speaking her mind and letting that sense of humor rip, and she didn't disappoint during the taping in NYC. In anticipation of the show's airing on VH1 on Friday (Nov. 18, 11 p.m.), here are five uncensored quotes that didn't quite make the cut in Clarkson's "Unplugged."

Kelly Clarkson's Fashion Evolution

1. On her boobs falling out of her dress: "Was it Erin Brockovich the whole time?! It's funny because I have no boobs but they're coming out."

2. "I realize God didn't give me boobs cuz if I had them, I'd show them off. I'd be a slut."

3. After a take during which she flubbed lyrics but kept going: "I should have just stopped -- just like most of my relationships!"

4. "This is my diva outfit. You would never see me in this on tour. Maybe for one song I would come out like this and be like, 'Look I'm a girl!'"

5. After making a joke about wearing TWO pairs of Spanx: "Oh dear God, can we just sing?!"

Banter aside, Clarkson and her band played a five-song set: "I Know You Won't" (Carrie Underwood cover), "Darkside," "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" "Mr. Know It All" and "Since U Been Gone." Check out video of her Carrie Underwood cover below.