Tom DeLonge on Angels and Airwaves: 'This Is Our Year'

Tom DeLonge on Angels and Airwaves: 'This Is Our Year'

Just a few months ago, Blink-182 made a triumphant return with their first new record in almost 8 years, but guitarist/singer Tom DeLonge has no plans of slowing down. Instead, DeLonge has kept busy with his space-rock project Angels and Airwaves, releasing part two of their "Love" project on Nov. 11 after premiering their full-length feature film "Love" earlier this year.

Sitting down recently with, DeLonge expressed his goals with the new Angels and Airwaves material, confirmed an upcoming AvA tour, and touched on the joys of Blink's reunion. Watch our video interview, which originally aired in our webseries "TMI," above.

"When Angels and Airwaves started, I realized very quickly that this was going to be an uphill battle," explains DeLonge. "We had no fans when we started. We were brand new, so I just figured we could try out anything. There were no rules."

That lack of rules drove DeLonge to pursue some lofty ideas with AvA. "On 'Love Pt. 2,' our goal was to take a word that's been used so many times in everyday language and books and music and whatever and grow it into something much more… esoteric."

Delonge also touched on Blink-182's comeback and recent album, noting that "the best thing about it is mending those relationships." For DeLonge, the time apart put things in perspective. "Now we celebrate something we kind of took for granted a long time ago."

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DeLonge confirmed AvA will start touring in January, "breaking apart the globe region by region." As for his goals with Angels and Airwaves, DeLonge rests satisfied with what they've accomplished and has big hopes for 2012. "Everything I said I wanted to do with this band we've done. It's just taken me, granted, a little bit longer, but we've pulled it off."

"I just feel like this is our year to hold up that flag and say, 'Just give us a shot.' We're doing some really great things over here and it's just exciting."