Adam Lambert Announces New Album

The Year in Arrests: 2011

Dec 22 -- Adam Lambert was arrested in Helsinki, Finland after he and his reality star boyfriend Sauli Koskinen got into a brawl outside a gay bar.

Adam Lambert took to his Twitter page to announce the release of his next album.

The "American Idol" alumni says his next release will be "Trespassing," due next spring.

The album includes a title track he co-wrote with Pharrell Williams, Lambert also revealed.

And there's more news to come: "Tomorrow I will tell you the name of my first single!" he tweeted.

In August, the singer told Us Weekly that the album would be "more contemporary and honest."

"This album is different in that it has a more serious tone," he said at the time. "There is definitely fun, upbeat music on there too. This album has a thread of honesty in that it is real and personal. The last album was more of a fantasy and this album is a search for my identity."