Tom Petty Talks New Album, Tour, Sandwiches in Twitter Q&A

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Stolen Guitars Recovered

There were a few modest news flashes from Tom Petty during a Q&A session on his official Twitter page ( @tompetty) on Thursday.

Petty told that a new album is planned "but too soon to know details. it`s early days." He did, however, tell a fan asking about his remaining ambitions that he "should make another great album."

An expanded edition of his 1994 solo album "Wildflowers," with other songs recorded during the sessions has "been recently discussed. i'd say a good chance" of release.

There will be a seventh season of his "Tom Petty's Buried Treasure Radio Show" on SiriusXM. And there will "definitely" be more activity for his band Mudcrutch -- "maybe even next year" -- and "absolutely" some Blu-ray releases of his albums.

"I believe it's the future," he tweeted.

And his favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly.

In all Petty spent 90 minutes answering tweets from fans and reporters, though he wrote at one point that he found the short-answer format "very frustrating" and noted that there was "not enough space to answer" an inquiry about how he compiles a set list. Petty also described social media as the "end of the world. everybody has their head up their own ass. thinking their every breath is important." But he did indicate that he'd be tweeting more in the future.

One of the participants tweeted on their own page during the session that, "god, so many of tom petty's answers are so half-assed. i love it."

Petty and the Heartbreakers have announced a batch of tour dates for 2012, with nine U.S. shows beginning April 19 in Denver and including an April 28 stop at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The group will play St. John's, Newfoundland on June 3, followed by Halifax, Nova Scotia, then begin its first European trek in 20 years on June 7 in Dublin, Ireland, with a June 22 headlining date at the Isle of Wight Festival in the U.K., where he promised one fan he'd play the song "Learning To Fly." He also promised to bring a diverse setlist to the tour.

Petty was asked about playing in other territories, such as Australia and Mexico, and tweeted that "we only work three months every two years. we've decided this year 2 focus on europe, maybe down the road aus." As for more U.K. dates he responded "maybe, I hope so," but he didn't answer inquiries about more North American shows.

A few other notes from the session: the most talented musician alive today is "either jj cale or regina spektor;" "melissa etheridge doing refugee was the best (cover) i've ever heard); and that he truly has never seen Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell in a pair of shorts ("...and i hope i never do").

Petty signed off by tweeting "thanks everyone. dropped my phone. gotta go.