The 10 Worst Album Covers of 2011

The 10 Worst Album Covers of 2011

The artwork on an album cover ideally offers an iconic image while complementing the music on the disc underneath it. In 2011, there were a handful of shining examples of successful album covers; who could forget the understated black-and-white elegance of Adele's "21," or the fantastic shot of Lil Wayne as a young graduate on "Tha Carter IV" cover?

Yet for all of the successful album covers, a handful of weird, boring and downright disgusting pieces of artwork were issued as well; some of them left us scratching our heads, while others will likely haunt our dreams for years to come. Check out our countdown of the 10 Worst Album Covers of 2011, and tell us which ones you think are the most downright vile -- or secretly brilliant -- in the comments section.

Best of 2011: The Year In Music


The Concept: Redfoo and Sky Blu navel-gazing, literally.
What Went Wrong:
The boys of LMFAO have nailed the loud, carefree album cover before, but their oddly troubled faces next to an anonymous girl's bare midriff -- Sky looks like he's seen a ghost! -- make this one go belly-up.
UNIVERSAL PULSE 9. 311 | "Universal Pulse"

The Concept: Shapes, animals, outer space. Groovy, man!
What Went Wrong: From the ram peeking out of the hollow hexagon to the mystical double helix in the bottom left, this psychedelic mess shoots for the stars and ends up being a total eyesore.
SEEKING MAJOR TOM 8. William Shatner | "Seeking Major Tom"

The Concept: The "Star Trek" captain returns to the final frontier.
What Went Wrong: In space, no one can hear you scream. . . but they can see a bad Photoshop job. Watch out for that spaceship, Mr. Shatner!
THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST 7. Jane's Addiction | "Great Escape Artist"

The Concept: Half-dressed creepy guy hugs himself in a physically difficult manner.
What Went Wrong: On closer inspection, the details of the bedroom in the veteran rock group's latest album cover -- the Christmas lights, the guitar neatly tucked behind the bed -- are actually pretty interesting. Too bad the frail, black-eyed person in the center of it all makes us so uncomfortable.
LULU 6. Lou Reed + Metallica | "Lulu"

The Concept: The saddest-looking mannequin in history.
What Went Wrong: The lonely image of an armless female mannequin in front of a plain white background appears as unfinished as the second "U" in "Lulu."
TEETH 5. Care Bear | "Teeth"

The Concept: Making it rain on a golden, hairy backside is fun!
What Went Wrong: This artwork seems like a ploy to make its audience's jaw drop as fast as those $100 bills are falling. Instead of being provocative, however, the cover for "Teeth" is just icky. We're not touching those bills, either.
YUCK 4. Yuck | "Yuck"

The Concept: Big head, tiny genitalia.
What Went Wrong: Yuck's brand of indie rock is gloriously messy, but this sketch of a ghastly naked being with one extended arm is just messy. Yuck, indeed.
BORN THIS WAY 3. Lady Gaga | "Born This Way"

The Concept: Gaga as half-woman, half-motorcycle. Don't blame her -- she was born that way!
What Went Wrong: Gaga's visual artwork is often arresting, but the cover of her best-selling full-length simply couldn't convey the singer's unique vision. Here, she's on the wrong track, baby.
2. Mr. Muthaf*ckin' eXquire | "Lost in Translation"

The Concept: Um. . .
What Went Wrong:
"Lost in Translation" is a fun, nihilistic ride from emerging rapper Mr. Muthaf*ckin' eXquire, but the image of a woman chugging a bottle while sitting on the toilet remains inexplicable and ungainly.
GOLD COBRA 1. Limp Bizkit | "Gold Cobra"

The Concept: Half-naked chicks, a monkey smelling his own finger, and of course, a big ol' cobra.
What Went Wrong: So many things seem incorrect about the trio of scantily clad ladies. Why are they in bikinis? Why are they slightly sticking their tongues out? Why do their bodies look so deformed? And why oh why are they unafraid of the menacing cobra in front of them? It's an image as befuddling as Fred Durst's directing career.

The Best of 2011: The Year In Music