Darren Criss Says He Wrote Song for 'Adele's Voice'

'Glee's' Darren Criss: Live Q&A Video Archive

Darren Criss has been envisioning Adele's voice singing his songs since well before "Glee" propelled him to fame.

Criss told a room of friends, family and fans at a Festival of New American Musicals event in Los Angeles on Sunday (Dec. 4) that he wrote "Not Alone," a soulful ballad that is part of his Harry Potter musicals as well as his solo EP, "for Adele's voice" when he discovered the singer's work while studying abroad in Italy during college.

He played an hour long set mostly full of covers and Starkid tunes, with his only "Glee" track coming as a finale with an acoustic "Teenage Dream" that he asked the crowd to refrain from singing along to. In general the crowd was vocal, gasping and calling out song requests from the front row, who Criss jokingly asked "do you guys do laundry?" after explaining that he pays for their enthusiasm.

Criss went directly from that show to Trevor Live, the charity event for The Trevor Project in Los Angeles for which Criss was also a featured performer.

Listen to Darren Criss' "Not Alone":