Exclusive: Muppets Video Premiere & Kermit Q&A

Exclusive: Muppets Video Premiere & Kermit Q&A

Jason Segel Belts "Man or Muppet," Kermie on Being Green in Limelight

The great Muppet comeback train of 2011 rolls onward, leaving what feels like just a handful of folks who still haven't seen "The Muppets" in the dust. In our latest video premiere on Billboard.com, we're debuting "Man or Muppet" from the Disney film's soundtrack, and boy does the video tug at those heartstrings.

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Those who saw "The Muppets" will likely recall that the performance of "Man or Muppet," sang by Jason Segel (Gary, "a Muppet of a man") and Walter (his "manly Muppet" brother) and penned by Bret McKenzie (one half of Flight of the Conchords), serves as the film's most cathartic moment, not to mention a major turning point. But those who haven't seen "The Muppets" can still feel the emotion in the "Man or Muppet" music video. Below: Watch the star-studded clip and read our Q&A with Kermit The Frog, who dishes on being green in the limelight.

You've been an international film, TV and music icon for more than five decades. What's the secret to your longevity?

Kermit The Frog: I think the secret to lasting in showbiz is working with people (and non-people) you like and doing what you believe in. I surround myself with the most talented pigs, bears, chickens, penguins and whatevers I can find, and I let them do what they do -- even when I have no idea what it is they're doing. Somehow, it all works. And even when it doesn't, our catastrophes are pretty darn entertaining. Also, as far as aging goes, it helps to be a frog. Thanks to the amphibian gene, after all these years I still look green and wet behind the ears (if I had ears).

Lady Gaga took you as her date to the 2009 MTV VMAs. Are the two of you still friends? What does Miss Piggy have to say about your relationship?

Lady Gaga is wonderful and I was thrilled to go to the VMAs with her -- but I wasn't really her date. I was more of a fashion accessory. (At least that's what I told Miss Piggy.) As for Miss Piggy and Lady Gaga, they get along just great. I guess it's a diva thing.

Has all of your success made it easier being green?

Success happens inside. The movies and shows and being famous is great, but it's what you are, who you believe in, and who believes in you, that really matters. That's made being green easier. And besides, "blending in with so many other ordinary things" and not "standing out like flashy sparkles in the water or stars in the sky" can be a good thing -- especially when you're being chased by an over-amorous pig.