Madonna & Nicki Minaj Share a 'Romantic' Kiss On Video Set

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9. Nicki Minaj (1.85% of the vote)

Nicki Minaj got a juicy gift from Madonna on Wednesday (Dec. 7), a day before she turned 29: A kiss! Madonna planted a wet one on Minaj while on the set of the icon's video for her much-anticipated single, "Give Me All of Your Love."

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"OH MY f'ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!," Nicki Minaj tweeted.

Minaj was happy to return the gesture, telling her barbz, via Twitter, that she "kissed back" "greatness."

Now the question is, whose kiss did Madonna enjoy most: Nicki or Britney Spears? Minaj shared that her kiss with Madonna was "more romantic" than the memorable kiss Madonna shared with Britney at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, while performing "Like a Virgin" with Christina Aguilera.

M.I.A, the other featured guest on "Give Me All Your Love," was also on set with Madonna and Minaj. "Madonna killed it! A legend! said she'd have me, I said ill have her too," M.I.A. tweeted.

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