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Midnight Oil Quash Reunion Talk

It’s official: Midnight Oil have no plans to reform. Though the door isn’t nailed-shut on a reunion at some time in the future.

The veteran rock Australian rock group today issued a statement intended to hose-down speculation that they're planning a reunion.

The rumor mill has been grinding away since frontman Peter Garrett quit politics last month. Back in April, Garrett had told Billboard that a Midnight Oil comeback was “not out of the question.”

Since his departure from government, reports have spread on six-figure offers being waved in front of Midnight Oil to headline festivals around the globe.

It's not so. According to a statement from the band, its members have “no plans to reform or tour at this time.” The statement also reveals that long-time manager Gary Morris has left the group and will pursue a “number of other business interests.”

During a career which spanned 1978 to 2002, Midnight Oil became one of Australia’s most popular bands – and certainly its most politically-charged. Through song, the group pushed for indigenous rights, and they took an anti-war stance. Midnight Oil briefly reunited in 2009 for the “Sound Relief” concerts in support of the devastating Victorian bushfires.

“We truly did accomplish amazing and enduring things working together and we should treasure that, now and in the future," Garrett says.

A greatest hits release, “Essential Oils,” was released April 30.