?Beyoncé? Pays Tribute to Motor City: 'Nothing Stops Detroit!'

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Beyoncé has joined fellow diva Aretha Franklin in offering the city of Detroit a vote of confidence as it faces bankruptcy reorganization.

During her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour stop on Saturday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills in the Detroit suburbs, Beyoncé -- fresh from the Trayvon Martin rally with husband Jay Z earlier that day in New York City -- added Sam Cooke's "A Chance is Gonna Come" to her set, dedicating it to the city.

The performance was accompanied by a video montage (watch it, above) that included photos of key Detroit sites as well as notable personalities such as boxer Joe Louis and music icons like Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Eminem, the White Stripes, Berry Gordy, Jr., and a full array of Motown legends -- including even non-Detroiters like the Jackson 5 and Lionel Richie. The clip concluded with a declaration that "Nothing Stops Detroit!"

Beyoncé did not mention the bankruptcy proceeding, which was announced two days prior, directly at the show. She turned down a request to comment, with a spokesperson telling Billboard that, "This was a unique tribute to the history of an incredible city and a celebration of the strong spirit of its people."  

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Detroit's action, to resolve an estimated $18-$20 billion in debits, is the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.

Franklin, who was raised in Detroit and still resides in its suburbs, quickly reacted to the news last week, issuing a statement that while the city is "bankrupt monetarily...we are well-funded in spirit and what it takes to come back. Between new and dynamic leadership with the Big Three (auto companies), the private sector and a little help from D.C., Detroit's best and most glorious days are still ahead."