Metric Sharing 'Fantasies' In April

As tipped here last August, Canadian indie rock act Metric will self-release its fourth album, "Fantasies," on April 14 in the United States. The set will come out on Last Gang Records in Canada.

"Fantasies" will be available for pre-order from on March 2nd. Fans who pre-order the record will also receive an MP3 of first single "Help I'm Alive."

The decision to self-release the album was not one the band took lightly. "We've wrestled with our situation over the course of the last three albums, trying to find the right deal," manager Mathieu Drouin told Billboard last summer. "We found ourselves in a position where the majors were interested, but we knew we had the ability to roll the dice and do it ourselves."

"'Long tail' artists like Metric that have been able to develop a following and career without major help are in the best position to take things into their own hands right now," he added. "We can make more money on a smaller volume overall if we are doing everything ourselves."

Metric's previous album, "Live It Out," has sold 45,000 copies since its 2005 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.