Brett Dennen Keeps It 'Crazy' On Tour

Brett Dennen Keeps It 'Crazy' On Tour
Even though he recorded 40 songs for his current album, "Hope for the Hopeless," Brett Dennen isn't planning on using the leftovers for his next effort.

"I'm trying to clean the slate and come up with a whole different point of view, a whole different intent," says the Southern California singer/songwriter, whose single "Make You Crazy" is currently making the crossover from AAA to Hot AC. "I want to do something that has a little more of a Brazilian samba kind of thing to it. I've really been getting into samba records of the '70s; there's a really lively spirit that I don't hear on a lot of other records. There's something magical that I'd like to recreate for my next album."

But Dennen says that with the single's success, there's no great urgency to get cracking on his fourth album yet. "I think it has a lot of life left in it at AC," notes Dennen, who's considering his next AAA single. He says that "we have some contenders" for that, listening "Hope For the Hopeless" tracks such as "Heaven," "World Keeps Turning" and "Ain't Gonna Lose You." Dennen considers another song, "Closer to You," for a possible third single since "it's got a more summertime vibe."

The success of these subsequent singles will determine when Dennen starts working on that next album. "If 'Make You Crazy' goes crazy on radio and another single hits big, we may be touring into next year as well, which is a blessing and a curse," he says. "The curse is I don't get to start working on another record. The blessing is I get to go farther than I imagined."

Dennen is currently on a North American tour, with plans to hit the U.K. and Europe in the spring and a summer return to these shores to play "bigger shows and bigger markets." Australia and Japan are also on tap before fall, Dennen hopes.

"I feel like we got a pretty good start since we went on tour early this year," he says. "By March we'll have covered all of the U.S., though we've still got to come back through to all of the key markets, and we've got to do some overseas stuff. There's just a lot of stuff I've got to do this year, which is fine by me."