Lights Resolve

For modern rock troupe Lights Resolve, destruction is creation. If the trio's former group, Last Week, hadn't disbanded after the singer left to pursue a solo career, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Matt Reich might have never discovered he could sing. Really sing.

"I always sang backup. It never even occurred to me then to try," he says.

In 2006, after auditioning new singers and coming up short, Reich spent weeks practicing and taking voice lessons, ultimately taking over as the lead singer. Since then, the New York-based group, which also consists of drummer Neal Saini and bassist Luke Daniels, has found an audience on Smart Punk and Purevolume and is averaging 6,000 spins per day on MySpace.

Between online marketing and spending three-quarters of the year on tour, the group has sold more than 10,000 copies of its two EPs, "Prelude" and "Currency." Songs from those efforts have been featured as bumper music on MTV and MTV2 and scored the act features on Fearless TV.

Though Lights Resolve has been tapped to support Rock Band Live dates with Shiny Toy Guns and Straylight Run, Reich attributes a big growth in the band's fan base to its stint opening for the Used, which he describes as "the perfect match."

According to Reich, the band has been able to stay on the road in part because of its frugality, limiting the lineup to three people and piggybacking on acts with agents who've offered to take it on the road. The group also crashes in its van or with fans, bringing it that much closer to its audience. Lights Resolve will perform at South by Southwest next month.