Chris Isaak Is 'Mr. Lucky' In Song And On T.V.

Chris Isaak Is 'Mr. Lucky' In Song And On T.V.
Chris Isaak thinks much unnecessary ado is being made that his just-released "Mr. Lucky" is his first new studio album in seven years.

"Believe me, I never stopped and went to the Bahamas," the notoriously droll singer-songwriter and TV personalitiy tells from the California desert set of the video for the "Mr. Lucky" single "We Let Her Down." And that's borne out by 2006's "Christmas" and "Best of Chris Isaak," and the 2008 concert set "Live in Australia," all of which feature new tracks.

"I've constantly been in the studio and working," Isaak says. "I've been writing and always had part of this ('Mr. Lucky') coming and part of this album finished, and then another part and then kept going, 'I want to put that one out. Let's go!' "

"Mr. Lucky" features duets with Trisha Yearwood ("Breaking Apart") and Michelle Branch ("I Lose My Heart"), as well as production by Eric Rosse, Grammy award-winner John Shanks and Isaak himself. After finishing the "We Let Her Down" video he and his band, Silvertone, are off to Australia, with North American dates expected for the spring and summer.

"I don't plan on going home for a long damn time," he says. "I love playing live, so if people like (the album) I'll stay out there. I'll be at every state fair and barbecue and arena there is. Anywhere they've got, I'm ready to go."

Isaak will also be logging time on TV again with his new Bio channel show "The Chris Isaak Hour." Premiering tonight (Feb. 26), the successor to "The Chris Isaak Show" on Showtime features conversation and music-making with fellow artists such as Yearwood, Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens), Glen Campbell and Chicago.

"I'm really happy with the format of the show," Isaak says. "We have more time than most talk shows, and we go off the beaten path and ask some weird questions. It really opens up a little more for the artists, and musically we get to play five or six songs -- a little more than just the hit.

"We had a good time with the first show we did, so I guess we weren't scared to try it again."