Neil Young To Release "Fork In The Road"

Neil Young's most recent obsession - a retooled 1959 Lincoln Continental that runs entirely on alternative energy - is the inspiration behind "Fork in the Road," the 63-year old musician's new studio album due April 7 via Reprise.

Recorded in 2008 between tour dates with his live band Ben Keith (pedal steel guitar, keyboards), Chad Cromwell (drums), Rick Rosas (bass), Pegi Young (vocals) and Anthony Crawford (vocals, guitar), "Fork" is a further rumination on Young's social and ecological concerns.

The album's main themes are drawn from Young's involvement with the Lincvolt Project, a joint effort between the singer and biodiesel pioneer Johnathan Goodwin to develop a commercially viable electric power system for automobiles. The prototype Lincvolt vehicle, Young's own 1959 Lincoln Continental, is now completely finished, and a documentary is planned about the car's first cross-country gasoline-free road trip to Washington, DC. Young even named one of the album's songs, "Johnny Magic,' after his Lincvolt partner.

A special edition of "Fork in the Road," which includes a DVD that features three music videos and a live concert video of Young performing the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” is available now for preorder on

Here is the "Fork in the Road" track list:

“When Worlds Collide”
“Fuel Line”
“Just Singing A Song”
“Johnny Magic”
“Cough Up The Bucks”
“Get Behind The Wheel”
“Off The Road”
“Hit The Road”
“Light A Candle”
“Fork In The Road”