Counting Crows Go Indie But Stay Busy

Counting Crows Taking 'Circus' On Tour
Counting Crows mainman Adam Duritz isn't slowing down even after 18 years in the music business.

Last week, Duritz announced that the Crows' longstanding relationship with Geffen Records had come to an end. In a personal post on the band's website, Duritz thanked the label and the people on its staff who "worked hard for so many years to make us a successful band."

But Duritz insists the news does not mean the end of the Counting Crows career, but rather a new beginning. "The internet opens a world of limitless possibility," he wrote, "where the only boundaries are the boundaries of your own imagination. We want a chance to push those boundaries back as far as we can. Unfortunately, the directions we want to go and the opportunities we want to pursue are often things that our label is simply not allowed to do."

Currently on tour with the Who in Australia and New Zealand, Durtiz insists he's busier than ever. "I spent all of January and February doing 17 hour days on a movie set in Los Angeles, came home for a week, and then came here to tour with the Who," Durtiz tells Billboard on a late night phone call from Sydney.

That movie, "Freelaoders," a comedy that's being produced by Duritz and the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, revolves around a rock star's entourage who are about to get the boot from their luxurious, rent-free mansion home. "We recreated the "Hanging Around" video for the closing credits. Its the whole cast and the band in my living room."

Counting Crows are also headed to London in May for a "Live From Abbey Road" session and a crack at the Beatles' legacy. "Everyone who does the show this year is recording a track from 'Abbey Road,' Duritz says. "We're going to do part 2 of the medley - we'll start with "Golden Slumbers" or "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" and go all the way through "The End." The band is also going to record two Undertones songs, including "Teenage Kicks," for a documentary about that group's 30th anniversary.

"I don't know what else Counting Crows will do. We'll start recording stuff when we want to. We're an album band. We're going to make albums."