Franz Ferdinand Get Dub Infusion With 'Blood' Release

Scottish rock outfit Franz Ferdinand will release "Blood," its second album of 2009, on June 1 through Domino. The nine song set is a dub version of the group's third album, "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand," which was released this past January. "Blood" was originally packaged in the deluxe and box-set versions that were initially available.

On "Tonight," the group worked with Dan Carey (Lee "Scratch" Perry, Mad Professor) - so it would make sense that the work would lend itself to a dub treatment. Speaking to Billboard in November 2008, lead singer Alex Kapranos described Carey as having "a different dynamic than other producers."

"I think with anything, it has to be a collaboration and we find ourselves bouncing off one another rather well," Kapranos says of the group's work with Carey. "He's coming from that Jamaican perspective - there's much more space; the bass guitar leads a lot more on this record than anything else."

"He was very relaxed and fit in very easily into the band dynamic," added bassist Bob Hardy. "He's very interested in the process of making a record and that kind of world. He'd spend five hours working on a particular sound that will only be on the record for like three seconds worth."

In conjunction with Record Store Day this past weekend, the group released a limited edition vinyl version of 500 to record stores. The newly packaged version of "Blood" will feature one new song, "Be Afraid" which is a reworked version of "Dream Again."

Franz Ferdinand is currently in the midst of a U.S. tour through May 8.

Here is the track list for "Blood":

"Feel The Pressure"
"Die On The Floor"
"The Vaguest of Feeling"
"If I Can't Have You Nobody Can"
"Katherine Hit Me"
"Backwards Of My Face"
"Feeling Kind of Anxious"
"Feel The Envy"
"Be Afraid"