Perry Farrell 'Can't Wait For People To Hear' New Jane's Addiction Songs

Perry Farrell Injured At Atlanta Jane's Addiction Show
As it prepares to begin its five-week tour with Nine Inch Nails, the reunited Jane's Addiction is sitting on a pair of brand new songs frontman Perry Farrell "can't wait for people to hear" -- although there are no plans for that to happen yet.

"I think they're really good," Farrell tells He calls one, "Embrace the Darkness," "a festival anthem," while "I'll Protect You" is about a pair of runaways whose paths cross. The two follow studio recordings of "Chip Away" and "Whores" from Jane's 1987 live album, produced by Nine Inch Nails's Trent Reznor and Alan Moulder, that the group posted on the tour web site,

The tracks mark the first time Jane's Addiction's most famous lineup, with bassist Eric Avery back in tow for the first time since 1991, has recorded since 1990's "Ritual de lo Habitual."

"I'll be honest with you -- we started to record and things got kind of ugly," Farrell says with a laugh. "(Recording) is, like, the last hurdle for us. It's one of those things where the head-butting really came out when we tried to write...The way I look at it is I'm very patient. It's only been, what, 18 years? I can't expect things to be perfect overnight. There's still animosity 'cause it's 18 years' built up.

"That's just how we roll. But the fact we're all getting back together is a super-positive sign. I know we'll get back in there and write some more...once we've gotten to sit down and have dinner, a couple weeks on the road, get to relax with each other a bit."

Farrell says there's a possibility one or both of the new songs may also be released online, but nothing has yet been determined.

Meanwhile, the band has been rehearsing in Florida for the tour's kick off Friday in West Palm Beach. Farrell says the tour's stage set will incorporate "playful pornography" images as well as extensive video "loops" by regular collaborator Andrew Bennett. The set list, meanwhile, will be comprised entirely of songs from Avery's tenure with Jane's, which comprises material from the first three albums and the new box set "A Cabinet of Curiosities," but neither of the two new songs.

"It's all good stuff," Farrell notes. "I love all the records we did. I love the last record Jane's did (2003's 'Strays'), but it doesn't quite feel right to have Eric playing that material, so we're just gonna go with the material we're all involved with, and everybody's in a good mood about that."

After the North American tour wraps in mid-June, Farrell and his band will head to Europe and Australia, returning home to play at Lollapalooza 2009 during the first weekend of August.