Lil Wayne Producer Draws Inspiration From Beastie Boys For Rock Record

After working on the production for "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" for Jay-Z and "Down" for Chris Brown, producer Drew Money has added another notch to his belt, this time producing "Fix My Hat," the fourth track to leak off Lil Wayne's oft-delayed rock album, "Rebirth." The set is slated for a June 23rd release via Young Money/Cash Money/Universal.

"I wanted to give him something old school-sounding, but with new elements in it like synths and 808s and snares," the 26-year-old producer tells Billboard. "I wanted raw energy, and if you listen to Beastie Boys' first album, 'Licensed To Ill,' you'll know what mind state I was in when creating it. I just wanted something simplistic but with a complex element in the hook."

Although "Rebirth" is labeled a rock set, "Fix My Hat" is one of the few "rap songs on the album," says the Michigan-born producer, "for his core fans that don't like rock."

Drew Money got his first placement on Dipset's "More Than Music" album, released in June 2005, with the song "Get Down With Dipset." After working on "Down" for Chris Brown, he came up with "Hello Brooklyn." After one listen to the track, which was originally meant for Def Jam rapper Fabolous, Jay-Z felt it was "something he had to have," says Drew Money.

Aside from working on new tracks for Lil Wayne's "Rebirth," Drew Money is currently in the studio with Missy Elliott, as well as working on scores for movies like "Dog Fight" and "The U," as well as "Land Of The Lost" with Will Ferrell. In the future, he hopes to team up with E-40, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Jay-Z again. "Some of my favorite sounds are 808s and guitars, but I definitely don't want to be pigeonholed," he says.

As previously reported, other producers on "Rebirth" include Infamous and Drew Correa, Cool and Dre, Develop and Street Runner.