Taking Back Sunday Ready To Road Test 'New Again'

Taking Back Sunday Ready To Road Test 'New Again'
Taking Back Sunday still has a few weeks before its new album is released, but the group is already thinking about ways to follow it up.

With "New Again" due out June 2, bassist Matt Rubano tells Billboard.com that there are "a couple of additional projects in the works." One is "an entirely acoustic reinterpretation" of "New Again," while TBS is also considering an all-covers album "where each individual member will select a couple of covers songs that have influenced them and really give people some insight as to what music influences us the most." The timetable for those is uncertain right now -- "Whenever we get a minute," Rubano says with a laugh -- but he's already contemplating what his choices might be for the covers project.

"I come from jazz and R&B and funk music," Rubano says. "All those sound like they won't work coming through Taking Back Sunday, but that's the whole point of it. I've thought about some old school Motown tunes Adam (Lazzara) would have fun interpreting. I'd say my (choices) will be somewhere between Motown and Fugazi."

TBS begins a new North American tour on Thursday in Cleveland, wrapping up June 27 in Boston. July will be spent in Europe, while a North American support tour that Rubano "can't announce yet" is slated for August and September.

Mostly, the bassist says, TBS is chomping at the bit to start playing songs from "New Again" -- the group's first with new guitarist Matt Fazzi -- even though only the single "Sink Into Me" is officially released at this point.

"I've heard this sentiment expressed before, how every band feels like they're about to release 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,'" notes Rubano. "I thought that was kind of a cynical thing to express, but after awhile I realized that if you don't feel that when you should go back into the studio 'cause your record probably sucks.

"We feel that way. We feel like we're about to drop our best work onto people, and we're really proud of it. Any band that's done their due diligence when coming up with new tunes, that's the stuff you want to play for people the most. That's what defines you as an artist at that moment."

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