John Fogerty Revisits Blue Ridge Rangers

John Fogerty says that he can "take a deep breath and kind of go, 'OK, we're done' " now that he's finished his next album, "John Fogerty: The Return of the Blue Ridge Rangers," a sequel to his 1973 solo album. He just won't tell us what's on it yet -- or when it will be released.

"We don't know when it's coming out," Fogerty tells "We're in talks. Stuff can change. I'm just glad that it's done. I stuck with it quite awhile there, to get it right. I wasn't going to let it go until it was what I wanted it to be."

A collection of vintage country and American roots music covers like its predecessors -- along with a new version of one of his own songs -- Fogerty recorded and produced "The Return..." with help from T-Bone Burnett and Lenny Waronker at Village Recorders in Santa Monica, Calif. Rather than the one-man-band affair of the original "Blue Ridge Rangers" album, the new set features players such as Buddy Miller, Greg Leisz, Dennis Crouch, Jay Bellerose and Kenny Aronoff.

"Those guys are just fantastic players," Fogerty reports. "They really captured or understood what the Blue Ridge Rangers vibe is. It's a really cool record."

Fogerty -- who's touring Canada, with a quick dip into the U.S. for a May 29 show in Rochester Hills, Mich. -- says he'd like to put the Blue Ridge Rangers on the road once the album is out. "Lord knows we played it great live in the studio -- it's probably more live than many rock 'n' roll records," he says. "I think it really needs to be presented that way to an audience. We'll have to wait and see how everything shapes up."

Fogerty and company, meanwhile, are still putting the finishing touches on a new DVD, "John Fogerty -- Comin' Down the Road," which was filmed last year at London's Royal Albert Hall and will also include a documentary about his life and career. It's release date is undetermined.

Fogerty's Creedence Clearwater Revival tenure will be represented this year, too, with first-time sanctioned contributions to an upgraded and expanded version of the "Woodstock" documentary that's due out June 9 as well as a six-CD Woodstock box set that's being released Aug. 18.

"I gave my blessings after all this time," Fogerty explains. "We weren't in the movie on purpose; nobody really understood what the movie would be; the track they wanted to use was 'Bad Moon Rising,' and I just didn't feel like it was our best work. But now it's OK. Historically it is what it is. It doesn't matter if it's well done or not well done. It's just history."