Lyle Lovett Looks To Texas For New Album

Lyle Lovett Looks To Texas For New Album

Lyle Lovett combines both originals and songs "by some of my favorite Texas singer-songwriters" on his next album, which is due out Oct. 20.

"I had a few new songs I was really eager to record, but I just didn't have enough new songs I liked to do an entire album of my songs, to be honest," Lovett tells "So this is a combination of my songs and the approach I took on (1998's) 'Step Inside This House,' " on which he also covered material by other songwriters he likes.

The as-yet-untitled project will feature songs by Eric Taylor, Vince Bell and Tommy Elskes, as well as Townes Van Zandt's "Loretta," which Lovett says he's "always loved." He recorded the album -- his follow-up to 2009's "It's Not Big It's Large" -- with co-producer Billy Williams at Conway Studios in Los Angeles with a band of "the usual suspects," including Russ Kunkel on drums, Dean Parks on guitar, Matt Rollings on piano, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Sam Bush on mandolin and Large Band members Viktor Krauss on bass and Keith Sewell on guitar, mandolin and vocals. He did not use horn arrangements on the album.

"We're just tweaking mixes at this point," Lovett says. "There's one song of mine I'm not sure fits in as well musically so we may or may not include that."

Lovett says he may preview some of the songs from the album during his summer tour with the Large Band, which begins July 14 in Memphis. He also plans to hit the road after the album comes out in the fall. "For the first time we're seeing the effects of the economy," Lovett notes. "This year we would have ended up playing some indoor venues in the summer, so we thought we'd save them for the fall rather than combining the two. So it's mainly outdoor places this summer, and this fall will be more East Coast stuff, and we're not playing Texas this summer so we'll end up playing indoors (there) in the fall."