50 Cent Business Book 'The 50th Law' Due This Fall

50 CENTYear of Eligibility: 2028

Rap star 50 Cent has turned his attention to publishing, having co-written a book about how to make business out of bling.

Profile Books will publish The 50th Law, a business guide for the 21st century co-written by "modern Machiavelli" Robert Greene and 50 Cent, in the autumn.

It is billed as revealing "how the power game of success can be played to your advantage", following on from Greene's previous title The 48 Laws of Power. It includes chapters such as "Turn Shit into Sugar-Opportunism" and "Hood Economics".

Profile has world rights, excluding USA and Canada, and will also be producing an audio version read by the two authors. Bound in black leatherette, the book is due out in the UK on 10th September-the same week as the US edition comes out-and the two authors are expected to come to the UK in October to promote it, with 50 Cent planning to speak at the Oxford Union.

"Those who dismiss 50 Cent as a gangster should rethink: his continued presence in the Forbes Rich List and entrepreneurial nous show there is a lot more to the man than his music," said Andrew Franklin, publisher of Profile Books, who bought the book.

He added it was "not just an informed strategy" but also "an incredible story of survival, rehabilitation and upward mobility" from life in the ghetto to the boardroom.

"The essential tenet of the book, inspired by 50's experiences, is that your fears are a prison which hold you back-you should be yourself, fear nothing, focus on what you want and have no 'Plan B'," Franklin said.