Jack's Mannequin Video Q&A


Orange County piano-rock band Jack's Mannequin was a personal side project that went front and center. Now on tour with the Fray, Jack's Mannequin grew out of the solo work of Something Corporate vocalist/pianist Andrew McMahon, who used that band's 2004 hiatus to take his music in a different direction.

Jack's Mannequin's 2008 sophomore album "The Glass Passenger," recorded after McMahon's recovery from leukemia, entered the Billboard 200 at No. 7; new single "Swim" can be heard in commercials for new CBS show "Three Rivers". The video for the inspiring anthem includes artwork submitted by hundreds of fans, who interpreted the song's themes of perseverance through visuals using the word "swim".

"My favorite element is the exchange of energy," says McMahon of the band's current amphitheater tour. "You [and the audience] have to play off each other." After the current tour ends on Sept. 25, McMahon will launch a headlining solo tour from Oct. 4-29.