The Fray Video Q&A

While Denver-based quartet the Fray easily fills arenas with its lush, piano-based rock, drummer Ben Wysocki and guitarist David Welsh admit to preferring the smaller theater stops on their current marathon North American and European tour. "The energy in those shows is unmatched," says Wysocki -- energy that, as Welsh adds, "wants to escape but can't."

The Fray's second, self-titled album, released in February, topped the Billboard 200, while latest single "Never Say Never," whose music video is shown here with's exclusive interview, has reached No. 47 on the Hot 100 and No. 23 on the Pop Songs chart. "I think it took the second record for us to really wrap our heads around what kind of music we make, and to be confident in that," says Wysocki. "Now that we're there, I think it's easier for us to see where we're going as a band."

The band has also found unexpected success with a cover of Kanye West's "Heartless," which grew out of a BBC radio show where the Fray were guests. "They ask guests to cover a current artist, and just gave us a list of artists they were playing at the time," says Wysocki. "It was either 'Heartless' or 'Circus' by Britney Spears."