Kaci Battaglia's "Crazy" Life: Q&A and Song

Kaci Battaglia may be a "new artist" to some, but the 21-year-old Tampa Bay beauty was cutting albums and touring the world back when Miley Cyrus was still braiding Barbie's hair. Having first caught the music bug at age three, signing her first record contract at age 11, and scoring three top 10 European hits while still in her tweens, the up-and-coming pop diva is somewhat of an industry veteran. But unlike a lot of her child-star contemporaries, Battligia left the spotlight at an early age to peruse another dream - to be a normal kid.

"Crazy Possessive" - Kaci Battaglia (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix)
Listen to our exclusive stream of the Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix of the Kaci Battaglia song "Crazy Possessive"

"I really wanted to get away and grow up," she says. "As an artist, I've grown a lot. Before it was like wow these experiences are so new and fresh and exciting, but... now it's backed by 10 years of experience." With a decade of lessons behind her, Kaci has re-emerged with a more mature sound and attitude, as heard on her saucy new single "Crazy Possessive," and her upcoming full-length album. Check out what Battaglia had to say about jumping back into the biz when she recently visited our Billboard studio.